Sulawesi Toraja “Sapan Minanga” GRADE 1



Grade 1 coffee, the highest rating out there. An amazing bean with flavors of bakers chocolate and black licorice. A must try!

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Discover the unique and complex flavor of Shiba Coffee and Tea’s Sulawesi Toraja “Sapan Minanga” GRADE 1. Hand-selected and roasted to perfection, this coffee is made from only the finest Grade 1 beans grown in the lush Sulawesi region of Indonesia. Each cup offers a rich, earthy taste with hints of dark chocolate, nuts and spices. Enjoy a premium coffee experience with Shiba Coffee and Tea’s Sulawesi Toraja “Sapan Minanga” GRADE 1.  A Grade 1 coffee, the highest rating of beans you can get. An amazing bean of the highest quality. A low acidity bean with hints of bakers chocolate, black licorice and an almost syrupy and bold body.

Grown at altitudes up to 6500ft this is some of Indonesia’s highest growing coffee.

The beans come from the Sulawesi province in Indonesia and are grown by the Torajan tribe. This coffee is grown on small farms and is hand picked and sorted by hand. The beans are then processed by hand and allowed to be ferminted overnight before they are wet hulled, washed and dried. The Torajan use a unique drying process that gives the green coffee a bluish color and when roasted an exceptional flavor.


12 oz.


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Whole Bean, Coarse (French Press), Regular (Drip), Fine, Espresso, Turkish


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