Organic Fair Trade Ethiopia Washed Sidamo HOMACHO WAENO



Experience the finest Ethiopian coffee with our Organic Fair Trade Ethiopia Washed Sidamo Homacho Waeno. Delight in its exquisite flavors of [mention flavor notes], ethically sourced from high-altitude farms. Elevate your coffee moments today.

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This Fair Trade and Organic bean coming from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia is an exceptional bean. Grown at an altitude above 6000ft in one of the best coffee growing regions in the world helps give this bean exceptional flavors.  These beans come from farmers in a collective, meaning the farmers get a fair share of profits from this bean. High sweetness, above average body and high acidity make this a great bean for any brew method.

Flavor notes

  • Floral
  • Black Tea
  • Raspberry
  • Pomegranate

12 Oz

Additional information

Grind Size

Whole Bean, Coarse ( French Press), Regular (Drip), Fine, Espresso, Turkish


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