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Experience the unique blend of sweet and tangy flavors with Orange Puer Tea from Shiba Coffee and Tea Co. Sourced from the finest estates and hand-selected, our premium tea offers an exceptional taste experience. Enjoy the delicious flavors today.



What an amazing tea!

Orange Puer tea is a unique blend of tea that is characterized by its sweet and tangy flavors. The tea leaves undergo a special fermentation process in which the tea leaves are stuffed inside an orange peel and allowed to age, which results in the distinct sweet and tangy flavors. Puer tea is known for its health benefits, including boosting the immune system, improving digestion, and reducing stress. Orange Puer tea is a rare type of tea that is highly sought after by tea enthusiasts for its unique taste and health benefits.

For a cup more focused on the citrus notes of the peel, brew the orange whole. You can also poke holes into the peel with a puer pick, or break the orange peel open completely for a brew with more intense notes of the shou puer.

Gongfu brewing is ideal, but this tea is also excellent when brewed Western style.

2019 Vintage

4 Pieces

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Weight.25 lbs
Dimensions11 × 8 × 2 in


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