Ethiopian Natural Gesha



Embark on a sensory journey with Ethiopian Natural Gesha coffee, a true gem of Ethiopian coffee culture. Delicately processed and meticulously sourced, this coffee exudes floral aromas and nuanced flavor profiles, offering a transcendent coffee experience. Indulge in the essence of Ethiopian coffee tradition with each exquisite sip.

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Coming from the Gesha Village in Ethiopia, one of the most cherished Gesha producers in the world and in the area that first produced Gesha coffee. Grown in rich soils symbiotically with natural plants in the region help provide this coffee with the optimal growing conditions for an excellent flavor profile. This bean was grown at 6400 ft above sea level and processed naturally with 27 days of sun drying.

Notes of

  • complex citrus
  • sweet lemon
  • pineapple
  • blood orange
  • stonefruit

with a honey finish

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12 oz

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