Elcor Vesuvius Espresso Machine


A rare find espresso machine. High end and perfect for those espresso enthusiasts!

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In near perfect condition! Maintained and taken care of, works as it should.

This is truly a rare find!

You get all accessories in the pictures with the machine.
This is a single owner, pressure profiling, dual boiler espresso machine. It is based on an E64 group head, and has a gear pump. It can work from a reservoir or direct plumbed. Easy to swap back and forth. The unit is in good, working order.  This would be an amazing machine for someone looking to work with pressure profiling or otherwise tinker with brew methods. Full control of the machine through the front panel. The machine has been regularly backflushed and cleaned throughout its life. There are some scratches on the drip tray from cup bottoms, and there is a slight dent in the upper right corner. Both pictured in the listing – but not noticeable sitting on the counter. Really sharp looking machine. Made by Elcor / ACS – previously known as M&V. Manufactured in 2018, refurbished in 2021. For anyone familiar with this machine or researching it online – a few things to note. These machines are built in Italy – and the different electric voltages they use there. When it was adapted for the US market by the manufacturer there were some oversights which resulted in some reliability concerns. The primary issue was wires which were too small. They overheated and lead to problems throughout the unit. Additionally – there have been issues with the water level sensor. To address both these issues we had the unit refurbished in 2021. In that refurbishment we had all the primary load wires swapped to heavier high temp wire. Primary power switch replaced with a higher amperage one, replaced the water level sensor with a new and improved model, and rebuilt the pump with new seals.

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Weight50 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 in


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