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Fellow Opus Review. The Ultimate Coffee Grinder? Lets Find Out.

If your into the coffee scene then you have probably heard of Fellow. From their grinders to their electric kettles Fellow makes solid products that not only look good but also work quite well. The Opus is no exception but can it truly do it all as Fellow claims? Lets dive in and find out.

The Opus is a a conical burr grinder as opposed to the Ode which uses flat burrs. The conical burrs allow for a finer adjustment and finer grind size. This allows the Opus to grind for espresso, something the Ode cannot do. In our testing of the Opus it seems to do a fairly good job at grinding for espresso and when you take into account the price point then this is a great grinder for espresso. Sitting at the sub $200 price point it is a little more expensive than other conical grinders but what really stands out to us is how quite it is. The Opus is leaps and bounds more quite than other grinders at this price.

Now this low price comes with some tradeoffs of course. The first is the build materials, while the Ode grinders are aluminum the Opus is plastic. The Opus has smaller burrs than the Ode which means its grind speed is much slower. Considering Fellow is marketing the Opus as an espresso grinder one would assume there would be a portafilter holder on the Opus but unfortunately there inst one.

So is review is the Opus worth the money? The answer from us would be a Yes. While it feels cheaper than say the Ode that’s because it is cheaper and considerably so. At the sub $200 price point this a great grinder that can do it all fairly well from cold brew to espresso. This makes the Opus a great starter grinder for anyone looking to get into making great coffee.

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