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Fellow Ode Gen 2 Review

Fellow has become a trusted and go to name in the past few years in the coffee scene.Their first Ode grinder was a huge hit and overall was a great coffee grinder for the home or office Not only does it grind coffee quite well but it also looks great on the counter. The Ode is a nice compact grinder, while not as tall as other grinders it is a bit longer and sticks out further on the counter. So why the gen 2 and whats new? Fellow has increased the bean capacity to 100 grams,and improved the bean feed system. A more powerful motor spins the massive burrs which allows for a quick and quite grind. We were quite impressed by how quite this grinder is. The Ode is also extremely easy to use and user friendly, with and easy to turn large knob on the front for selecting the grind size to the grind size chart on the bean hopper lid the Ode really makes finding the right grind a breeze. Many “entry” coffee enthusiasts will be looking at the Ode and wondering if the price of $345 is worth it, and after reviewing the grinder at home and using it in the cafe we can definitely say we would recommend it. The only downside is that the Ode can’t do fine grinds like espresso but if your looking for a good pour over or french press grinder this is it.

Fellow Ode Gen 2 Grinder

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