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The Best Way to Store Your Coffee Beans for Maximum Freshness

Using fresh beans is essential for making a great cup of coffee, so what is the best way to store your beans so that they stay fresh? Before we dive into the answer lets take a look at why you should be using fresh beans in the first place. Roasted coffee beans can go stale just like bread and the processes are similar. Fresh beans will have a much better flavor, usually the first flavors to go away are the fruity notes in a bean. Not only will the flavor profiles degrade but the caffeine content will also fade as the beans go stale and as the oils in coffee degrade the overall quality and taste of the coffee in your cup fades. This is especially true if your trying to make espresso, once the beans get too stale it will be nearly impossible to pull a good shot. This is why if your diving into espresso its important to find a good roastery and supplier and what most people don’t realize is that a lot of your “big store” coffee can be months old by the time you buy in the store. ( If you need some fresh beans check out our line-up as we roast fresh to order)

Now that we know why beans go bad lets look into how to keep them fresh.The best way to keep beans fresh is to only buy what you need, try to only get what you will use in week or two. Then keep those beans in an airtight container. The humidity in the air is the biggest factor in making coffee go stale, so keep them sealed off from the air and they should last. Keep the airtight container in a cool place and out of direct sunlight because the sunlight can cause photodegradation in the beans by breaking down the oils. Stori8ng your coffee beans in this manner will ensure they are always fresh for when you need them.

Let us know if you have any tricks or comments on keeping coffee beans at peak freshness.

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